Message from the Principal

Dr. David Ottaviano

Dear Parents,

GEMS International School is international by name and international by nature. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every child, whatever their background, is part of our family.

As an International Baccalaureate (IB) school we place an emphasis on how children learn, as well as on what they learn, thus preparing children now for occupations and lifestyles that could not have even been dreamt of a few decades ago and which we can barely imagine even now.

We have incorporated Digital Learning as an integral part of our philosophy and children are encouraged to follow our Bring Your Own Device programme from Grade 3 upwards. Younger children work with iPads, encouraged by our Digital Learning coaches.

Our mission is to develop lifelong learners who engage in meaningful learning experiences that build compassion, resilience and understanding of their role in our ever-changing global community.

Our vision as a GEMS International Baccalaureate World School, provide exceptional quality education to meet the needs of a diverse, international community in an ever changing world.

GEMS International School is built around the GEMS Core Values of:

  • Global Citizenship.
  • Pursuing  Excellence.
  • Growing by Learning.
  • Leading through Innovation.

We offer parents and students an opportunity to access high-quality education. We are proud of what we have achieved thus far and are determined to set the standard as a sought-after school in this part of the world.


Dr. David Ottaviano

Principal of GEMS International School, Al Khail