Jake Faucher

Head of Individuals & Societies

Mr. Faucher had always been a primary teacher prior to joining GIS in 2018, but has now found his true calling with the MYP year groups. He continues to bring some of the dynamics of the primary atmosphere with him to his middle school classes in order to keep things lively, fun and, at times, a bit unconventional. Unconventional how, you might ask? Well that would be ruining the surprise for your son or daughter! Suffice to say Mr. Faucher enjoys coming to work every day. He finds when he puts in the energy the students respond tenfold - and there’s nothing more satisfying for him than seeing his students engage with an I&S lesson he has orchestrated. Explore, think, talk, write, debate, chat, comment, consider, argue: this is what happens in Mr. Faucher’s I&S classroom.

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