Inclusion Support
The school has a strong commitment to the inclusion and pastoral support of all our families and students; this includes students who are identified as Students of Determination (SEND), English Language Learners (ELL), More and Exceptionally Able and Students (MEA). 

Every teacher at GEMS International School is a teacher of all students and the whole school community works together to embrace the ethos of inclusion. GEMS International School has a comprehensive inclusion support team who provide professional guidance to our teaching staff and provide support and guidance for our students and families. This is composed of experienced and highly skilled staff in all divisions; including specialist SEND teachers, trained counselors, English Language specialists and a MEA program to ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. The Inclusion Support team works closely together with the teaching staff to ensure a holistic approach for the students. Students’ happiness and emotional wellbeing is seen as an essential component of our provision and there is a strong pastoral element to our program. We highly value partnerships with parents and families and we are keen to welcome all students from a diverse range of backgrounds and of all abilities. 

The school has comprehensive Parent Information Handbooks and Policies outlining the support provision in further detail.

GIS ELL Inclusion Policy 2022-2023

Parent Information ELL - Primary School

Parent Information ELL - Secondary School 

Parent Information Inclusion - Primary School

Parent Information Inclusion - Secondary School


The Tareeqi Program
The school has a functional life skills programme; the Tareeqi Program. This program is a highly personalized pathway that is designed to meet the needs of students who are unable to access the mainstream curriculum meaningfully. The Tareeqi program was set up to enable these students to continue to benefit from being in a mainstream setting and the advantages of an IB education, whilst also allowing for curriculum adaptations to meet their individual needs. Students in Tareeqi follow Pearson Entry Level and ASDAN certifications and qualifications, alongside some MYP subjects depending on individual need.


Dually identified students
Some students at GIS may fall under the category of SD (students of determination), ELL and/ or MEA. Specialist inclusion teachers work collaboratively with homeroom and subject teachers to establish appropriate, personalized, support.

Law and Statutory Guidance on Inclusive Education
Our school mission, vision and policy are based on the statutory requirements laid out by:
● Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework
● Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework - Arabic Implementing Inclusive Education: A Guide for Schools
● Dubai KHDA Directives and Guidelines for Inclusive Education: Ensuring Equitable Access to Education for Students of Determination                                                                                                  
● Law No. (2) of 2014 Concerning Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the Emirate of Dubai


English Language Learning
The ELL team aims to empower students to learn the English skills necessary to function academically, thrive socially, and grow as multilingual global citizens. We guide students in strengthening language skills that will guide them in their journey towards accessing the mainstream curriculum. We are committed to providing English support to our vibrant community and love sharing our diverse traditions and cultures to develop tolerance and understanding of our differences.

What is ELL Support?
English Language Learning Support is provided for those students who come to GIS with limited English language proficiency. Having a very diverse population, students come to GIS with a range of English skills: some need intensive English survival/ social skills, whilst others have learned the social language, but need support with literacy skills and academic language. 

The school follows a graduated approach to ELL support and provides a range of support provisions. The ELL team works closely with classroom teachers to collaborate on the
modification of tasks to enable students to access the mainstream curriculum and teachers may provide additional direct support within the classroom.


The staff at GIS have a strong commitment to safeguarding. As a school we align with the GEMS SAFEGUARDING COMMITMENT STATEMENT (addressed in the Safeguarding Policy) and believe that all stakeholders have a right to be safe, heard and valued. There is a Designated Safeguarding Lead, supported by a team of Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads and counselors. The team is further supported by specialist inclusion teachers as appropriate. Every member of staff at GIS is trained at identifying and reporting safeguarding concerns through the secure GEMS Safeguarding Referral system. 

GEMS Safeguarding Team: 2022-23 

Designated Safeguarding Lead 
Hannah Kelly ([email protected])

Deputy Safeguarding Lead (Primary) 
Raquel Nahas ([email protected]

Deputy Safeguarding Lead (Secondary) 
Nic Walters ([email protected]

Head of School 
Simon Herbert ([email protected])


Law and Statutory Guidance on Inclusive Education

Our school mission, vision and policy are based on the statutory requirements laid out by:

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