project green space

A Different Planet

During the past couple of months, nine of our Grade 6-8 GIS students have been meeting during lunch breaks, afterschool and during the holidays to prepare for the Philip Harris STEM Competition. The Competition took place at Emirates Golf Club on the 24 th of February, 2019. The GIS team, Project Green Space, was awarded 1st place Best Overall Project, beating out other teams from schools around the country. The challenge was to put our school on a different planet (the team chose Mars) and to transform it so it can be a fully functioning community in space. The team consisted of: Youssef Farrag, Elisha Sugano, Aarya Dalal, Harshita Mahesh, Arnav Sanghi, Jasmine Chami, Julie Vergeer, Edward Bo Gerstrup, and Vinay Krishana Goenka. The team was supervised by Mrs. Monique Henderson and Mrs. Amber Baker-Hagen, with assistance from Mr. Almin. The students had the opportunity to take part in various STEM activities on the day and to interact with students from seventeen other schools from the UAE. It was a valuable experience and we are very excited for future opportunities.


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