The MyHealth Programme

What is the MyHealth Programme?

The main goal of the ‘MyHealth’ program is to support all community members with their overall health and wellbeing, bringing our community closer together and ensuring our school is the happiest and healthiest place to be. The MyHealth program is about building a more physically aware community, where faculty and parents will be able to role model to their students / children. This program was a response to the National School Health Agenda, following up from recent developments in Health strategies and policies in the UAE. 

What does the MyHealth programme currently mean for:


Starting in G1 (5 years old), it means that students can participate in daily 15 min sessions before school with their parents, eg: The Daily Mile (Term 1), Workout of the Week (Term 2) and Games (Term 3).

Also, every student gets their fitness components tested 3 times a year and get a personalized report. We do this by using a program called Fitnessgram. Also based on these result we are able to target students and push them into our Sports program (in case of talent) or to our MyHealth ECA (extra-curricular activities). Another very important point of these reports is to raise parents’ awareness about their child’s physical health. Students are invited to participate in Health fairs throughout the year


Basketball 1/week; Yoga 2/week; Badminton 1/week + participating in before school activities with their children daily from 7.45 -8:00am.


Take part in activity every week – what are the activities? Activities vary every term and there are special days where external providers come in and to something special. However, usual activities can be physical: football, basketball, touch-rugby, badminton, walking and running club, Zumba, belly-dancing, swimming, aqua-aerobics, yoga. The programme also contemplates non-physical activities such as art, music or the acquisition of a new language like Arabic or Spanish.

Is there a cost?

No, this programme is mainly provided by teachers. If we promote an external event, such as the ‘Wadi Race’ for example, then the cost is the regular sign-up fee.