Diploma Programme (DP)

Diploma Programme

Thank you for thinking of GEMS International School, Al Khail for your child's Diploma Programme. The IB Diploma Programme is rigorous, it is a challenge. Students will be stimulated intellectually, there are lots of opportunities for critical thinking and research. It is a two-year-program and leads to a qualification that is accepted at most universities across the world. To undertake the IB Diploma Programme students must be motivated and academically able to study in class and in their own time. The program requires you to commit to deadlines for assignments and all other requirements. However, there are many rewards: the IB Diploma qualification is highly attractive to many universities, and the holistic nature of the Diploma Programme means students receive a broad education that will encourage them to be lifelong learners.

As a school, GIS will support students academically and pastorally. However, we do expect our DP students to be mature and responsible, so that they can organize their workloads according to deadlines. We passionately believe that the IB Diploma Course at GIS will be an enjoyable, enriching and rewarding experience and we look forward to you joining us on this incredible journey.
IB Diploma Programme Coordinator
Mr. Ruairi Cunningham

The DP Curriculum

Gems International School IB DP

Students taking the IB Diploma Programme study 6 subjects at either Higher or Standard Level, this comprises of 1 subject from each Curriculum Area of the hexagon (with a possible substitution of a subject in Group 6). All Diploma Programme students take a Theory of Knowledge Course; Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) Programme, and write an Extended Essay in one of their hexagon subjects.


DP Structure at GIS

Students select 6 subjects, one from each group.

Students take 3 subjects at Standard Level (SL), and three subjects at Higher Level (HL).

Students may also take an extra subject from Group 3 Individuals and Societies or Group 4 Sciences, in place of a Group 6 subject.

There is the possibility for students to take two subjects from Group 1 with Mother Tongue School Supported Self Taught, in place of a Group 2 and be awarded a Bilingual Diploma.

DP Subjects at GIS 2017 - 2019

Group 1 Language and Literature

English Language and Literature SL/HL

56 languages available through

School Supported and Self Taught (SSST)

Group 4 Sciences

Biology SL/HL

Chemistry SL/HL

Physics SL/HL

Environmental Systems and Societies SL

Design Technology SL/HL

Group 2 Language Acquisition

Spanish B SL/HL

Arabic B HL

French Ab initio SL

French B SL/HL

Group 5 Mathematics

Math Studies SL

Math Standard Level

Math Higher Level 

Group 3 Individuals and Societies

History SL/HL

Global Politics SL/HL

Business and Management SL/HL

Information Technology in a Global Society SL/HL

Geography SL/HL

Group 6 The Arts

Visual Art SL/HL

Music SL/HL

Entry Requirements for IB Diploma

Students must know that the IB Diploma is rigorous, demanding and we have entry requirements in place to ensure that the students who attempt the full IB Diploma are those students who are capable of completing it. Students are monitored in the following areas:

  1. Student attainment throughout Grade 10

  2. Student behavior, motivation and attitude

  3. Student University and career plans

  4. Completion of the MYP, including Personal Project and Service requirements

To enter the Diploma here at GIS you need to achieve the following:

  • Average MYP Grade 5 or above including a 3 in Personal Project and Service completion (5 required in subject desired for Higher Level, Math HL Level 6 minimum)

  • Average MYP Grade 4 including 3 in Personal Project and Service completion requires a discussion with DP Coordinator and Counselor

  • Average MYP Grade 3 or less means that students enter into the IB Courses Program

  • See the DP Entry Policy for further guidelines

All DP students and their parents are required to read the General Regulations:
Please follow the link here to read these.

For further information about the Diploma Programme please contact our IB Diploma Coordinator Ruairi Cunningham at [email protected]