Kindergarten (Early Years)

Kindergarten Early Years

The Kindergarten program at GEMS International School (GIS) is an inquiry based program that caters to the individual needs of each child. We know that all children learn at different rates and we provide them with opportunities to develop at their own pace whilst challenging them to reach their full potential. At GIS we believe in the power of child-centered learning and acknowledge that each child is unique. We believe in providing children with a holistic learning experience and opportunities that promote social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Our Kindergarten program builds on the natural curiosity of young children, where teachers encourage students to ask questions and make meaningful connections through the key concepts, skills, knowledge and attitudes of the IB PYP curriculum. Language, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science are taught through the units of inquiry, hence helping students construct their own meaning through tailored scenario’s and activities that challenge young students in their thinking.


At GIS we also believe that choice personalizes learning. The center-based learning approach incorporates math and language skills, while providing opportunities for students to learn through interest and choice; within small group and one to one instruction. Our student centered approach, emphasizes individual discovery, learning through play, student goal setting and developmental readiness. Organizing learning through centers, allows a pedagogy rich with opportunities for personalizing learning, while building the cognitive, social, emotional and communication skills necessary for school success. 

Our Kindergarten students benefit from an outdoor learning space where they develop and hone their motor skills. The outdoor play area provides opportunities for water and sand play, creating games, learning about team work and solving problems during play.

The Kindergarten program is a full day program at GIS. Students also enjoy various specialist classes, such as Art, Music, PE, Swimming and Arabic.