What the Board Has Done

  • Consistency in GEMS Governance Policy implementation, to ensure benchmarking all GEMS Outstanding rated Schools
  • Regular meetings focusing on key areas identified by both KHDA and GEMS Ed
  • Reviewed long term development plans with all LAB members
  • Presentations on KHDA review next steps, school goals and school progress

Board Representation

  • SEN Parent - LAB Chair - GIS Parent
  • Parent Association President, GIS Parent
  • Emirati Female Professor, GIS parent
  • Vice President of Arabic & Islamic for GEMS
  • Vice President of IB for GEMS
  • Principal of another GEMS School and Head of School - GIS

New Initiatives From Previous Review

  • Additional Board Member added - Principal from another GEMS School
  • GEMS Governance LAB member training
  • KHDA Governance member training
  • Learning Walks by Governors introduced
  • Increased frequency of meetings
  • Faculty/Student Presentations each LAB meeting

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