School uniforms are available to purchase from Threads, Time Square branch or via their website.

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Primary School

  • Everyday Uniform

    • PreK - KG2 (Age 3 to 5 years old) 
    • Sky blue polo shirt with GIS logo 
    • Grey shorts – Boys 
    • Grey skirts – Girls 
    • Black school shoes (NB Lace up shoes are not permitted unless students can tie the laces independently) 
    • White socks for girls or plain navy or black tights; Navy blue socks for boys 
    • GIS cap

    All kindergarten students will retain an extra set of clearly labeled uniform clothing (shirt, shorts, underwear, and socks) in a ziplock bag in case a spare is needed.

  • Grade 1 – Grade 5

    • Blue shirt, short sleeve, with logo 
    • Grey bermuda shorts for boys 
    • Grey skirt or skort for girls (grey knee length skirts) 
    • Stripe clip-on or normal tie for boys and girls 
    • Black school shoes – no high-tops, logos or other decoration. 
    • White socks for girls or plain navy or black tights; Navy blue socks for boys 
    • GIS cap

    Students should bring the following on a daily basis: drink bottle, healthy lunch and snack. These items should be labeled and fit inside a backpack. No bags with wheels please. If your child rides the bus, please make sure that they are able to carry their backpack independently.

  • P.E. Uniform

    Grade PreK – 5

    Students should come to school dressed in their PE uniform on their designated PE days. 

    • Navy blue GIS PE shorts 
    • Navy blue GIS PE polo shirt 
    • Sports shoes 
    • House colour tee-shirt (only to be worn on designated days with the navy GIS PE shorts and sports shoes)


    Boys: Navy blue GIS swimming trunks

    Girls: Navy blue GIS one-piece swimsuit or appropriate full length navy blue swimming costume if desired. Swimming goggles and a GIS swim cap are compulsory.

  • Jewellery/Hair

    Hair should be a natural colour and kept neat and tidy and tied back off the face (girls). Hair accessories should be simple, neutral in colour and not distracting.

    Jewellery, other than ear studs and a watch is not permitted.


Secondary School

At GIS, we believe that a school uniform promotes a unified community and improves school spirit. A school uniform (including a tie) is required in all GEMS Schools. Clothing and accessories that conflict with the school policy are not permitted at GIS, unless otherwise communicated. At all times, students are discouraged from wearing (or bringing) high-end fashion garments and accessories to school.

  • Middle Years Uniform

    • GIS light blue shirt, with school logo, fully buttoned
    • Regulation dark grey trousers (no denim, leggings or sweatpants)
    • Regulation dark grey shorts for boys
    •  Regulation dark grey skirts (knee length or longer) for girls.
    • Regulation tie with school logo 
    • Plain black shoes or plain black trainers (no white/colored detail or laces) 
    • Black belt (when required) 
    • GIS sweatshirt with school logo (optional)
    • GIS zip jacket with school logo (optional)
  • Diploma Programme (Grade 11 & 12) Uniform

    • GIS white shirt, with school logo, fully buttoned 
    • Regulation navy blue trousers (no denim, leggings or sweatpants) 
    • Regulation navy blue skirts (knee length or longer) for girls. 
    • Royal blue tie 
    • Black shoes 
    • Black belt (when required) 
    • GIS cotton sweatshirt with school logo (optional) 
    • GIS zip jacket with logo (optional) 
    • GIS Senior years jacket (optional)
  • Physical Education (PE) Uniform

    • GIS PE shirt
    • GIS PE shorts 
    • GIS swimsuit 
    • Sports trainers with non-marking soles and heels 
    • GIS teamwear is permitted in PE lessons
  • Personal Presentation

    • Make up should be minimal 
    • Students with pierced ears may wear one pair of studs or small hoped rings (little finger should not be able to pass through the loop) 
    • Students are encouraged to seek guidance regarding hair dye 
    • Body piercings and jewellery must be removed for PE and Swimming lessons 
    • No visible tattoos 
    • No un-natural eye coloured lenses

    **Students should check with the GIS SLT if they seek clarification on the above guidelines.


On occasion, GIS may announce an alternate dress code (e.g. UAE National Day or ‘Wear it Pink’ for Breast Cancer Awareness). Students are required to dress in a manner that respects the local culture and causes no offense to others. The following guidelines will apply at all times:

  • No figure-hugging clothing 
  • No spaghetti strap tops (or similar), which expose the shoulders and/or clavicle 
  • No exposed torso 
  • No offensive logos or expressions on clothing 
  • No open footwear such as flip flops 
  • No torn jeans

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