Parent Testimonials

Parents and guardians should be at the heart of any child's education. We value our parents' feedback and ensure they have the best experience at GIS.

  • "GIS has a relationship-oriented culture which ensures that regardless of how big the school is, it maintains the feeling of a family unit. The school and staff genuinely care about the children, and this is one quality that all parents place as a priority."

    Cadence Pillay

    Parent of Grade 11 student

  • "My child is very happy, and his teacher has been amazing helping him settle after a relocation. Small class sizes have allowed friendships to form more easily too."

    Louis William Thompson

    Parent of KG2 student

  • "GIS is good at building confidence in the children. They have their own responsibilities, and learn to navigate these all by themselves, knowing they will have all the support they need."

    Liv Langer

    Parent of Grade 4 student

  • "Every week there is something fun for the students to do outside the classroom. This builds a lot of understanding in the world around them. It builds a sense of community and broadens the horizons of the students."

    Ban Al Imam

    Parent of Grade 1 student

  • "The students are happy and feel secure in the school. They love to attend school and I don’t have to push to get them up in the morning.."

    Aaron Mujtaba

    Parent of Grade 9 student

  • "I chose the IB program because I am intrigued by the hands-on curriculum. I found it interesting how the concept of character and confidence-building is integrated into the curriculum. Academically, I can see my kids progressing; they are not rushed and neither am I. What I particularly like about this school is that the doors are always open to parents. Everything is discussed so openly, both problems and solutions. I would not want my kids to graduate from anywhere but GEMS International School - Al Khail"

    Nida Quli

    Mother of children in Grade 1 and 5, who are now in Grade 4 and Grade 8

  • "The most important asset any school can have are the people. We were very lucky with our teachers and assistant teachers in KG1D and KG2G. They are passionate, sensitive and amazing education professionals. They apply fascinating methods of learning and understanding the world around them to every lesson. Our boys love this school and I hope their learning and passion about this new world will only grow."

    Ivana Da Costa Cabral

    Mother of children in KG1 and KG2, who are now in Grade 2 and Grade 3

  • "We love the interactive nature of the IB curriculum, which gives our children a broad range of questioning and curiosity skills about the world around them in partnership with academic capability. The teaching staff are very engaged and always open to discuss ways to help the children learn effectively. Attitude is everything in building a good relationship with a school and GEMS International School – Al Khail excels in this regard. Friendly faces and a ‘can do’ attitude exist throughout the school, we are very pleased to be a part of the GEMS community."

    Agnès and Peter Cooke

    Parents of twins in Grade 3, who have now moved overseas

  • "GEMS International School is very accommodating to children that come from non-English speaking countries and supports them in the integration process. The children at GEMS International are happy! They go to school with a smile on their face and it’s a pleasure to see the progress made by children throughout the year. Parents are kept involved daily through homework and presentations or events at GEMS International. The teachers are available and you can speak freely with them."

    Olivier Divisionali

    Father of children in KG1 and Grade 2, who have now moved overseas

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