The staff at GIS have a strong commitment to safeguarding. As a school we align with the GEMS SAFEGUARDING COMMITMENT STATEMENT (addressed in the Safeguarding Policy) and believe that all stakeholders have a right to be safe, heard and valued. There is a Designated Safeguarding Lead, supported by a team of Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads and counselors. The team is further supported by specialist inclusion teachers as appropriate. Every member of staff at GIS is trained in identifying and reporting safeguarding concerns through the secure GEMS Safeguarding Referral system.


GEMS Safeguarding Team: 2023-24

Designated Safeguarding Lead
Hannah Kelly ([email protected])

Deputy Safeguarding Lead (Primary)
Sarah McLean ([email protected])

Deputy Safeguarding Lead (Secondary)
Nic Walters ([email protected])

Head of School
Simon Herbert ([email protected])


GEMS International School Safeguarding Policy: 2023-24

  • GEMS Safeguarding Policy 2023-24