GIS is a GEMS Centre of Excellence school for Aviation and Space

GEMS Education recently launched five Centres of Excellence, aiming to blur the traditional boundaries of school, university and employment and create a new pathway for GEMS students to learn and rapidly progress in identified areas of importance.  One of these five Centres of Excellence is GEMS International School Al Khail (GIS), focusing on aviation, aeronautics and space. GIS aims to become the hub for K-12 education in this field.


Our Head of School/CEO, Simon Herbert, on

Opportunities, Challenges and the Future of Education

part 4

Innovation and Creativity: Featured Story

Tanvi's Journey as a Young Innovator and Leader

Since her arrival at GEMS International School, Tanvi’s enthusiasm, willingness to embrace new challenges and ability to contribute to the success of a team has seen her blossom as a leader and changemaker.  

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Design Technology at GIS

In order to encourage students to consolidate skills needed for their future Diploma Programme choices, at GIS our Middle Years students can enjoy subjects in Product Design, Food Design, and Design Technology.

GIS students continue to explore their innovation and creativity through robotics, culinary and aviation

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