An Eye for CAS

Moeen, as part of his CAS project, engaged with multi-national companies such as Nestle and Coca-Cola to arrange necessary eye surgeries for impoverished areas of Pakistan. Alongside these organisations, Moeen was able to arrange for skilled doctors to perform the surgeries for free. Despite the seamless organisation and planning, freak weather meant that the doctors were unable to reach the area to provide the care. However, as a true embodiment of IB learning and ambassador of GIS, Moeen was able to work around these difficulties. On the spot, he adapted his planning and found local doctors who were able to travel to a closer village to provide medical check-ups for over 250 people.

Shortly after the bad weather had cleared, the eye surgeons that Moeen had previously contacted reached out to inform him that they still wanted to travel to the affected area to complete the eye surgeries to those that needed them. Excited by this outcome, Moeen took a flight back to Pakistan to oversee the completion of the project resulting in over 700 eye surgeries and 1,000 eye check-ups.

"I feel I have grown so much because of CAS. I have flown by myself, spoken with major directors at huge companies, worked with doctors to organise premium healthcare, and launched the messages to villages that needed help. I had to motivate myself daily and I’m proud of everything that’s been achieved. My parents have even said that CAS was their favorite part of the IBDP programme.”


After the project was completed, many incredible stories emerged, including that of one 17-year-old girl who contracted an eye disease when she was just one year old. Thanks to Moeen’s project, she can now see again.

Moeen has now been accepted into three universities; all paying homage to his CAS project in their acceptance offerings.

Other Achievements as part of the IBDP Program / CAS:


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