Yassin El Nemr

The Jiu Jitsu Kid

Yassin El Nemr from Grade 3E won Gold at the Jiu Jitsu World Championships under 38kg category, where he competed against other children of the same weight from around the world.

When did you start learning Jiu Jitsu?

At the age of 4

What is Jiu Jitsu?

It’s a martial art ground fighting sport that focuses mostly on grappling.

What’s the most exciting part about it?

You become smarter, stronger and learn self discipline.

"I have participated previously in many other championships that gave me confidence & overcome the stress from championships."


How did the school help you train?

Because my teachers used to speak about my awards & medals this gave me a great boost of motivation. I was very happy to be listed on the Year Book as well as on the social media pages of GEMS.

Tell us about your typical school day - what do you do?

I study interesting topics, communicate with others, play football with my friends, say hi to my brother passing by and talk with my friends.


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